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Subject Broken Templates - won't work.
Name banjar1 Hit 2,118
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Date 9 March 2015 Monday PM 12:31:41
Two templates I ordered don't work because they can't locate the required files.  They look at the D: instead of in the folder where the template is located.  Attempting to direct Vegas to find the files doesn't work, since several of the requested files weren't included in the .zip file.  The broken templates are Beautiful Link and Flow Of Mind.

Please help....

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I think I made a mistake for each files location when I saved the template and compressed it,

but all files are in 'effect n logo' and 'placeholder' folder for 'Flow of Mind' Template.

Please open the template and select 'Specify a new location or replacement file',

choose the 'effect n logo' folder for clip-1. 2, 3.wmv and logo.psd, and 01.02...jpg for 'placeholder' folder.

For the 'Beautiful Link' template, just select 'Ignore missing file and leave it offline' for, Trance2009.mp3,

and select 'Specify a new location or replacement file', choose the folder you have unzipped for 01,02...jpg,

and again 'Ignore missing file and leave it offline' for rest of them.

Please try it, and let me know if not sure, I will send you the files again.



VideoTour24 (03-10 06:16:07)
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